Monday, August 1, 2011

The Week In Movies 25/7/11 - 31/7/11

I spent the best part of this week either in bed with manflu throatyitis or forcing myself to go back to work due to the manflu throatyitis epidemic that has swept Perth leaving our stores massively understaffed. These two states combined to leave me viewing a measly four movies this week.

I've been quite looking forward to Scream 4 for a while, the problem being that Leah just won't watch horror movies and so I have to find time to watch alone. I know the majority of people disliked it and my expectations were pretty low after Scream 3 stinking up my screen as it did but I give it at least one thumb up. Kevin Williamson's script was so much fun but the scariest thing about the movie was Courtney Cox's plastic surgery/botox leaving her looking more like Ghostface than the actual mask. Whether it was the script not containing too many horror elements for Craven to play up or just that Craven put in a half assed job and forgot that the film was supposed to be scary I'm not sure.

And then it ended. I didn't write a review, everyone else did and I apologise to you all for not reading them yet but I wanted to know nothing about the final Harry Potter movie. I hadn't read any of the books and have lived this story solely through the 8 films. What's to be said? I'm glad it's over. I remember find the first 4 quite magical, all of them featuring moments that gave me that seeing the dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park feeling but the longer the series went on the less there was. I am blaming David Yates. This one was a billion times better than the snorefest that 7.1 was though. Leah tells me that the epilogue was actually in the book too. That was so unnecessary and for me detracted from the entire 8 movies.

The Smell of Success starring Billy Bob and David Duchovny's wife was directed by The Polish Brothers who created the quite bizarre and beautiful Northfork and it was another quite bizarre movie only this time not so beautiful and filled with many puns and word games all related to poo. This movie is about manure salesmen in the America in the 60's and yeah, not great but not terrible either.

Then I finally got my ass around to seeing Sonatine as part of the research in to my yakuza movie post. This was probably my favourite film of the week and the capsule review of it was submitted to Duke & The Movies new Sunday feature The Best Is Yet To Come, if you're not yet involved send him some words quick smart like.

blah me blah me blah me baby til I lose control.


  1. Courtney Cox's plastic surgery/botox leaving her looking more like Ghostface

    that is a quote I am so going to use!!!

    Great week then Toby? Over the Flu?

    Are you on Twitter? Its the future don't ya know

  2. oh yeah antibiotics rule my friend. and i know i should be on twitter but i really need to get my stuff together first. half the time i swear i've got no time for breathing let alone blogging!

  3. Twitter rules my life now!! Well technically it doesn't but it is a great way to chat with your mates and promote your posts!!

  4. i know. i know. the twitter thing has been on my mind this week since charlie casanova post but i think i wanna get my domain registered before i take any other steps.

  5. Great post! Love the blog as well, though I liked Harry Potter much more than you did it seems.

  6. hey matt, thanks for taking the time to stop by. i did enjoy harry potter, a lot, i was more engulfed by the fact that they weren't as much fun as they used to be and happy that i don't have to think about it anymore. 10 years is a really long time!