Monday, October 10, 2011

The Week In Movies 3/10/11 - 9/10/11

Wow, so this week is a first, I have reviewed every single movie I watched. All two of them. I guess it's lucky, life has been hectic which means this post doesn't take too long to write. It's the worst week in the history of this blog. So if you are worrying about me as my good friend Scott (of Kind Of A Big Deal Front Room Cinema fame) has been, please rest assured it's nothing personal I'm just frying my brain.

I saw Drive earlier in the week and wasn't thoroughly impressed yet did enjoy it, if you didn't see my moaning review feel free to go read it.

This weeks film for our Noir-a-Thon was Phantom Lady, a film which was good and most entertaining indeed. Review should be ready tomorrow.

That's it. No turnoffs, no links either because I don't think I've read anything other than looked at some lovely Criterion covers from And So It Goes and Southern Vision.

Feel free to scream at me in the blahs, wake me up, give me some energy, find me some free time to watch movies and read blogs please?


  1. Don't worry about not getting a lot of viewing/reading/whatever in - wait til you have kids, then you'll REALLY know how little time you have.....

    (I have one kid, and I don't have the balls to write up a review of Sesame Street just yet)

  2. no worries that's how it goes sometimes. I've barely watched anything this week too.

  3. I think it's been a slow week for all of us. I haven't seen anything brilliant lately, and I'm a little exhausted. Thanks for the linkage BTW, and sorry I can't motivate you into getting up and doing something. Right now I think I need motivation just to get out of bed.

  4. Wow that is pretty shocking for you my friend. I think I saw 20 + last week. And this week is feeling very similar. I do not know where one film ends and another starts!

  5. @RODNEY - ouch to sesame street, although i think you should analyse from an educated film perspective rather than entertainment.

    @BT - the difference being that you took/found the time to come say hi round this way. thank you. and you store your reviews for times like this.

    @TY - work gets me up and out of bed, i'm not sure if thats a good thing really. id much rather go shopping for blackout blinds so i can sleep past 5 now summer is here.

    @SL - is it scanners where that guys head explodes? be careful my friend you could be next.

    very much appreciate you all stopping by and commenting this week guys, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.