Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 So Far (May - Aug) Top 10 Pre-2013 Catchup

Continuing to assess my year in cinema this is the first of three posts looking at the films viewed between May 1st and August 31st.

Of the 236 films released prior to 2013 seen for the first time during this four month period these are the 10 I enjoyed the most and all come very highly recommended.

10. Jess + Moss (2012) Dir. Clay Jeter

9. Dogtooth (2009) Dir. Giorgos Lanthimos 

8. Lorna's Silence (2008) Dir. Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne

7. Police, Adjective (2009) Dir. Corneliu Porumboiu

6. Atmen (2012) Dir. Karl Markovics

5. Damnation (1988) Dir. Bela Tarr

4. Wake In Fright (1972) Dir. Ted Kotcheff

3. The Colour Wheel (2012) Dir. Alex Ross Perry 

2. Weekend (2011) Dir. Andrew Haigh

1. Unforgiven (1992) Dir. Clint Eastwood

Anyone got a 100% success rate with these ten? How's your year going for great films? Tweet me.


  1. Wow! 236 films! It's sad that the only one of these I've seen is Unforgiven. Others like Dogtooth and Police, Adjective are definitely on my list, though.

    1. Yeah the average of nearly 60 per month is probably unsustainable but there have been extenuating circumstances. Honest. The 30 Countries challenge threw up some really interesting films I'd not even thought about watching before so don't feel too bad. My tastes have turned towards the minimalistic, the naturalistic and the low-fi in the past year and I think this list really reflects that more than any other.

  2. The Colour Wheel is an unknown gem that more cinephiles should watch, loved it too!
    Lorna's Silence is one of the few films by the Dardenne's I still haven't seen, need to put that right.

    Not heard of Jess + Moss (2012) or Police, Adjective (2009), going to youtube the trailers.

    1. Hi Chris, if you love the Dardenne's and The Colour Wheel I can't see you not thoroughly enjoying those other two. The more time that passes from watching Police Adjective the better it seems to me, it's replaced 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days as the film I think of when I think of Romanian cinema, which in itself has to mean something to cinephiles.

  3. It's awesome to see Dogtooth, Lorna's Silence and Unforgiven on the same list. I still need to see some of these, especially Wake in Fright and Damnation.