About blahblahblahgay

I started this blog as a way to share my love of film, those unsung pieces of cinema that aren't to everybody's liking or just snuck under the radar. The idea being to share links to where you can see these films but as time has gone on I've found that the film blogging community is so much more than a bunch of people writing reviews and so I have since changed my blogging outlook.

The sharing of opinion on the artistic medium that is film is first and foremost in my mind. I love it when you guys stop by and tell me what you think of what I've been watching. I miss the open dialogue on film that I had whilst at film school and if any of you guys want to slam my tastes I'm open to discussion on why you think that's so.

Somehow I got tired of constantly thinking and talking about film, enthusiasm just drained from me, I hated film for a while. Taking a long time out, allowing myself to watch only films I felt like watching purely to pass the time or for entertainment value. It's allowed me to focus on my writing and now I'm back with a change of focus.

What will you now find here at blahblahblahgay? Reviews with as few spoilers as possible, lists, mixtapes, life experiences. I have no interest in seeing most new Hollywood films, reading the latest book du jour and largely ignore all those important book award winners, the closest you'll get to a review of these things is a brief capsule so if you need yet another opinion on Transformers 8 please don't ask me.

Contact is available through blahblahblahgaytoby[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk