Family DVD Guide

OK, out shopping recently and I came across a piece of gold in a bargain bin. The Sunday Age/Sun-Herald Family DVD Guide, marked down from $29.95 to $3. Flicking through it I was amazed at the array of terrible opinions held by the reviewer and thought it would be a fun feature on the blog every now and then.

The blurb states that it is "the ultimate family dvd guide with suggested viewing for every member of the family. Whether you're after a film for a family pizza night, a teenage slumber party or want to impress the love of your life, this user-friendly guide will help you find the perfect DVD."

I can just imagine the scene now

Him: "Hello my love, I stopped by the video shop on my way home, thought we'd get some Chinese delivered and put our feet up"
Her: "Oh wow, I was having second thoughts about our relationship but now you've brought home Hidalgo let's make a lifelong commitment to each other. How ever did you think to rent that?"
Him: "Rob Lowing in my new DVD guide gave it 4 stars and called it solid entertainment that will have both of us cheering on a horse"
Her: (Thought bubble, Viggo is rather delicious)

So, here's what we're gonna do: Leah is gonna pick a chapter and I shall attempt to appraise the selections and offer some replacements to create The Blahblahblah Family DVD Guide.

Chapter 1: Science Fiction
Chapter 2: Horror
Chapter 3: Martial Arts
Chapter 4: Animation
Chapter 5: Drama
Chapter 6: Classics
Chapter 7: Comic Books
Chapter 8: Thrillers
Chapter 9: Documentaries
Chapter 10: Americana
Chapter 11: For The Whole Family
Chapter 12: Comedy Assortment
Chapter 13: Date Movie Supreme
Chapter 14: Foreign Movie Assortment
Chapter 15: Musicals
Chapter 16: Kids Movies
Chapter 17: War Movies (Formerly the Summery Adventure Movie Chapter)
Chapter 18: Sword and Sandal
Chapter 19: Westerns
Chapter 20: Crime Movie Assortment
Chapter 21: Romance
Chapter 22: Action