Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Fifteen Questions Meme

This is not really the place for lists. I keep telling myself that and I keep breaking the rules to write another list. Well here's the deal, I'll probably post these lists from time to time because I've been invited by people. I'll try to bring a little bit of the blahblahblahgay to them.

This has been around a little while and I've pretty much ignored it until Custard tagged me and then followed it up with a comment about tagging me. Nice one Custard.

Without further ado The Questions:

Movie you love with a passion
I often feel I have no passion left but that's nonsense, there's just so little being created that can awaken the sleeping beast inside me. I'm not really sure how I can define this question.

Brief Encounter

Movie you vow never to watch
There's so many! How about the most recent addition?

Anything that involves Justin Bieber

Movie that literally left you speechless
Speechless? Really? Seems a little extreme. I never really disengage the brain when watching films. I'm always dissecting. How about breathless? Or edge of your seat tension?

Stanley Kubrick's The Killing

Movie you always recommend
These questions are mostly hard because you have to make decisions, there's always more than one answer here! This film blew me away on first viewing and it never fails to disappoint on repeat viewings. I never get a bad response from those I've forced it upon either. Full review and more screenshots here.

Amores Perros

Actor you always watch no matter how crappy the movie
I even gave Just Friends a shot!

Ryan Reynolds

Actor you don't get the appeal for
Recently I posted a discussion on the failure to make Angelina Jolie seem worthwhile and yet the outcome was that I can see the appeal when she makes the right choices. Who else is there?

Oh yeah, Rob Schneider

Actor living or dead you'd love to meet
I'm really not someone who places great stock in meeting celebrities so this would have to be somebody who seems like a normal person you might be able to have a chat with. From everything I've seen and read these two seem like great people who happened to be actors.

Bogie & Bacall

Sexiest actor you've seen
There's a reason they invented the phrase "he's no George Clooney."

Dream cast
Let's do this another way. I made a film once. It was my graduation piece for university. I wrote it and then directed it.

If I'd had a choice the four roles would've been played by

Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams, Christian Bale

Favourite actor pairing
This is tough! Hugh and Sandra maybe? Michael Cera and Ellen Page? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence?

Jack & Walter

Favourite movie setting
I do love London in Eastern Promises but my favourite has to be

Andy's Room

Favourite decade for movies
The height of film noir has to win for me, the 1940's.

Chick-flick or action movie
The lines may have blurred in recent times, rom-coms with explosions, assassins with a heart of gold but

I'll be back etc

The hero? Arnie saves the day? John Cusack gets the girl? The villain? Christopher Eccleston gets to crush Nic Cage? The anti-hero? Every noir detective to a certain degree?

The really great characters in the really great movies can be all of them

Black & white or colour?
B/W encouraged a lot more creativity than colour, the cinematographers were much more skilled.
There you have it, who hasn't done this yet? Tag yourself and have a go. It's harder than you might think.


  1. I liked you short - very creative and nicely done.

    Good answers, keep up the good work.

  2. oh the trailer? thank you. it was just a bit of fun we cut together from the full film after seeing the trailer for bande a part. i haven't gotten around to putting the full 20 minute version online yet. i should probably get around to it. it's been quite a few years since i graduated now.

  3. You know, I have seen Never Say Never and it makes for a great drinking game.

  4. oh my gosh joanna, that would mean you've seen it more than once?

  5. I don't know if you noticed my new Top 10 feature page, Toby, but I'll add this in to my rotation, but here's my short list in order:

    Kids (and not for good reasons)
    The Children of Huang Shi
    Chris Evans
    Helen Mirren

    I struggled with the gender definition on actor, so I came up with one of each gender: Rachel McAdams and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

    Perfect comedy troupe: Seth Green, Chris Evans, Anna Faris, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, and Drew Barrymore.

    Pandora (sorry, but it was beautifully done)
    1980s, I'm a John Hughes whore.
    (Tragic) hero
    Color, B&W is nice for a change, but I love the color.

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  7. alan - is that the list of the month tab you're talking about? and have you just listed the world of avatar as your favourite movie location?

  8. Nice one! I always recommend Amores Perros too : -))

  9. Where have I been?

    I am sorry Toby, I have been neglecting you!!

    Great list, Andy's Room is a nice touch too!!

    Thanks matey

  10. 5plitreel - thanks for stopping by, it's nice to know that people are reading even when i'm not writing as frequently. it's such an incredible film. it has it's moments that drag a little, scenes i always seem to forget about when i watch it again but overall it's a fantastic achievement in directing and writing.

    custard - where have you been? i don't know but i've been neglecting everyone for 2 weeks now so apology accepted.

  11. I'm a bit tardy to the response party, but I loved everything about Pandora. I'm a BIG fan of movie magic and it doesn't get much more magic than Pandora. It's an unlikely place, evolutionarily speaking, but it was also pretty breathtaking.

    Yeah, it'll be a List of the Month, most likely August unless I have to do a schedule change for some reason. People kept asking me to write the occasional list, so I'll throw that feature in with my daily reviews.

  12. Alan - I just noticed you vow never to watch Ishtar, I've actually seen it, it's a distant memory of bad but of all the films in all the world there are a bajillion worse ones! What's your reasoning?