Monday, August 22, 2011

Liebster Blog Meme (I Feel Like A Sellout)

What's strange about this meme and me taking part in it, is that I never ever did this when I had a myspace and especially not back when I had a facebook.

But the compliment paid me by Tyler at Southern Vision was so great that I couldn't resist. It's a vanity thing after all. We all have less than 300 followers right? Those of us still on blogger anyway.

If you are yet to see this then I shall copy and paste something to explain it, one second, here:

In German and Spanish, Liebster means "beloved". Apparently this award started in Germany and has become quite popular. The purpose is to spotlight blogs with under 300 followers. As far as rules go, all that's required is to link back to the blog(s) that tagged you, then pass the award on to five other bloggers.

It's an award! I'm awesome, my first blogging achievement.

The Liebster for indie/arthouse/world cinema goes to Bonjour Tristesse, naturally.
The Liebster for best Irish/French blog goes to Jack. L, the man made for winning this award.
The Liebster for best film maker blog goes to Mr and Mrs Wheatley, hooray!
The Liebster for being my wife is won by none other than What Indie Nights? I wasn't allowed to choose anyone else for this award.
The Liebster for being the best blogger I know who won't take a taxi.....Public Transportation Snob.

Don't feel intimidated, award winning bloggers need followers and comments too, go say hi, but don't do what my colleague Chloe did when Dylan Moran came in to our store the other day and ask them for a hug. That's just plain creepy.

For all the tears, cheers, back stage gossip and exclusive photographic content of our winners please see the blahs below.


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. hells yeah majid ali, i'll join in your scam. not.

    ha! that was so wayne's world.

  3. Congrats on getting tagged.....:-)

  4. thanks buddy, i would've awarded you favourite cinema in a front room but you ahve over 800 twitter followers and therefore got disqualified. unfortuantely i had to retire the award as nobody else was in competition.

  5. HAHA I feel honoured and touch....but in a good way ;-)


  6. as well you should my friend. :D brilliant. weekends around here are not the same with you taking days off like that.

  7. Congratulations Toby and thank you for thinking of me.

    But I hope you'll not be offended if I decline to take part in this meme. It may sound like snobbery but these things feel more like viral email chain letters than awards. Besides, I always hand out links and shout outs to my beloved blogs anyways.

  8. BT - I know exactly what you mean which is why I made such a big deal/joke out of it. Reverse psychology. We all find ways to share the blogging love already in the LAMB-osphere. You can tell it didn't originate around these parts!

  9. Yes! Woo! This is the first award of my brief life as a blog. And since I'm sure there are hundreds of bloggers who won't take taxis, it's quite an honor. Thanks!

  10. Haha you're welcome dan. You're the only one who advertises it as a badge of homour :D I personally refuse taxis in perth as there are 4 in the entire city and they charge a fortune. My feet are great vehicles.

  11. Congrats...ish? I like the Blog-A-Thons since they serve (at least in part) some of the same functions as these. But it's always nice when someone <3's you enough to send something your way.

  12. alan - thank you my friend. a bit of fun and nothing more. i'm not gonna put that badge anywhere on my site that's for certain. it was awesome of tyler to mention me though.

  13. Thanks for continuing the chain. God knows I was tempted not to.

    BTW, did Dylan Moran actually give her a hug, or walk away? Cos a hug actually sounds like something he'd do.

  14. Tyler - he was all like "no photos, no autographs" he just wanted to look at our antiquarian books. She then hugged him and said "he gives awkward hugs" I'm like no shit, you're a total stranger and this isn't black books despite my little book of calm and the bosses penchant for drinking wine all day.