Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Currently Listening: Unfaithfully Yours by General Fiasco (2012)

You may have heard of General Fiasco but then again you probably haven't. Hailing from Northern Ireland they are an Indie band playing upbeat pop-rock and at the age of 23 the members are growing up - check out the attempts to grow facial hair in their publicity shot above - and it shows in their approach to this, their second album.

It was the release of the video for The Age That You Start Losing Friends to celebrate their signing with Dirty Hit Records that brought the band to my attention a year ago. Here was an arrogant, swaggering piece of pop with a chorus that you couldn't help but sing along with and I was hooked.

In the year between then and the release of Unfaithfully Yours at the end of July I found myself listening to their debut album on repeat. The youthful swaggerring arroagance of the music is infectious, I find myself walking with added purpose when they come on my iPod and the album is always over far too soon and the hard Belfast accent on some of the vocals is a particular high point for me. The new album couldn't come soon enough.

And it didn't really disappoint. They've grown as song writers and musicians, added an extra guitarist an tried crafting an album that showcases their talent and experience. The single Bad Habits offers a wall of guitars, a fist-pumping, falsetto-sprinkled chorus, which is as anthemic as an arena-rock song for example.

But they've also been over produced and aimed for something that for me they aren't yet ready for. A lot of the raw swagger is missing this time around, the Belfast accent has been toned down quite a bit and for some reason there is both a terrible slow song that threatens to transform in to another upbeat piece of pop but instead stays flat and dull as well as a transparent attempt to write a song that can close their live shows on a high (The Bottoms.) It doesn't work for me and simply adds to the top heavy nature of the album.

From tracks one to seven they build up to the brilliant ....Friends and from then on you get a sense of the album closing down rapidly, it's not quite all filler but it may as well be. Unfaithfully Yours also brings to mind Happiness Ltd era Hot Hot Heat, that album after they had toured stadiums with The Killers, inspiring them to tone down their jerky, abrasive sound and instead write radio friendly music more condusive to shifting units.

It's not the greatest album ever but it is good fun and if you're looking for pop-rock singalongs you can't really go wrong with General Fiasco.

Stream the single Bad Habits from their Soundcloud here and if you're interested get the free 5 track Live EP thanks to Dirty Hit from the TopSpin widget below. You'll also find an interesting interview with them at I Heart AU. Don't forget to leave some comments in the blah.


  1. Really like this song .. thanks for sharing! Will definitely be looking out for their songs in the future :)

    What's Hot?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura, glad I could entertain you.

  2. Both songs are quite catchy, and I can definitely see them becoming infectious. As far as a new album that can't come soon enough, I'm still waiting for Franz Ferdinand's next one.

    Speaking of pop, is it bad that I crank up "Want U Back" (Cher Lloyd) and "Call Me Maybe" (Carly Rae Jepsen) when they air on the radio? Those songs are very infectious.

    1. I know what you're doing here Josh and I won't be drawn in to confessing my own guilty pop secrets! I actually have no idea who those artists you mentioned are or what they sound like. It may be a living in Australia thing but it may just be that I don't listen to the radio. There's something about great pop music though isn't there, you just want to play it as loud as possible in the sunshine.

      (Busted are still my favourite choice to crank to 11 in the first joyous days of summer)

  3. Haha. You should check those songs out. ;)

    Just gave Busted a try. The louder, the better. My guilty pleasures tend to be more female pop artists than boy bands though. (Zip the lip.)