Friday, September 21, 2012

BBBG Goes To Europe: Part 2 Arriving

A quick post just to check in I think.

Some uninteresting facts about our flight:
  • Qatar Airways (voted Airline of the year for the past two years) give the impression of being a social climbing third rate provider. Having previously taken this trip with Qantas, British Airways, Virgin and Emirates I can safely say that the gulf in quality of service is astronomical. For a start they didn't provide the special dietary meals we requested and I got the distinct impression that all of the hostesses hated their job and were quite willing to take it out on the passengers. After this trip I will never use them again to fly anywhere.
  • Doha airport requires a 20 minute bus ride from the tarmac to the terminal. Bizarre planning for a busy international hub. They also go to great lengths to tell economy class passengers that those lucky business and premium users were provided with luxury limousines.
  • I watched Safety Not Guaranteed - Cute and charming, quirky indie comic drama featuring Julie from Scott pilgrim. Just lacked a certain edge to make me want to watch it again - and the always wonderful to watch Wall.E during the flights, everything else was so uninspiring. Whilst Leah embraced the trashy action of Battleship.
  • I read Money Shot by Christa Faust and The Peddler by Richard S. Prather.
  Some uninteresting facts about our first two days in London:
  • Our apartment is very nice, by English standards its positively luxurious and tasteful. We haven't taken any photos for the family I'm afraid. Sorry Robin & Steve.
  • We've had an absolute nightmare trying to use our British bank account and at the time of writing there is no guarantee that it's going to get any better. So far Santander have changed my ATM PIN without telling me, a replacement will take 7 to 10 woking days. As I have changed my English mobile telephone number they have refused to allow me to withdraw more than 300 pounds over the counter until I receive my PIN. 7 to 10 working days. Using internet banking I transferred money to a friend and Santander blocked it and my internet banking access without informing me because it was an unusual transaction on my account. That's the major bullet points in 48 hours of Santander related nonsense. Thank you Santander for helping my holiday get off to a fun filled start!
Some highlights so far:
  • Clothes shopping is incredibly cheap. Food shopping is incredibly cheap. There's so much choice, Perth shall be ruined for us forever.
  • New book shops are all incredible compared to Australian book shops, we were a little overwhelmed by seeing so many books that we wanted just sitting on the shelves and wandering through crime fiction alone I could have spent hundreds of pounds. It stopped being fun quite quickly and rapidly turned in to torture.
  • Finding the BFI digitally remastered Blu-Ray of Tokyo Story in HMV for only 10 pounds, was one of those few moments when I knew I had to buy a DVD without hesitation.
  • Crystal Palace is a really nice area, from what we've seen and experienced of it so far it's definitely the kind of place we would be happy to live if some disaster fell upon us and we could no longer live in beautiful, sunny Perth.
With all the doom and gloom surrounding our finances we've not exactly had a huge amount of fun or enthusiasm for taking pictures so far, hopefully we can bring you something much more interesting over the weekend but for now let me leave you with a picture taken in the Perth Airport newsagent.

The science of using the little grey cells mon ami
And one more of the greatest road name in the history of the world:


  1. What did they have in the Humour section? Books on the Great War? Social and Political Commentary? Justin Beiber's Memoir?

    1. Hey Anonymous, it could have been worse, they could have been using images of Hitler to increase their sales!

  2. Mmmm, but the public don't like yoyos, Toby. They don't like them AT ALL.

    I would like to say for the record, GOING TO THE BEACH AT BRIGHTON DOES NO COUNT TOWARDS YOUR GOING TO THE BEACH TOTAL. It is not a real beach, it is pebbles. When you get home go to the REAL BEACH.

    I'm only anonymous because I have ten billion google profiles, and can't decide who to be today. Enjoy the rest of the lol-iday, give Leah a hug from me.

    1. ahh my acrobatic friend you give yourself away.

    2. I am the least inconspicuous person on the planet, it was only a matter of time.

      YOUR TURN TO HIDE 100...99...98...97

      Oh, I see you! You're in Budapest!

  3. Nice update Toby. Hope you get that banking sorted, so you can enjoy your trip even more.

    That "science" picture is sad, but just as brilliant.