Saturday, October 6, 2012

BBBG Goes To Europe Part 5.1: Rochester

Actually the trip to Rochester Castle turned in to a trip in to neighbouring town Chatham too, thanks to the one long interconnected High Street.

Chatham is a horrible little hole of a place that reminded us exactly why we disliked living in England. Small minded, miserable people, living in poverty whilst they drag their knuckles along the ground and breath through their mouths before setting their pit bull terriers on each other.

It is a town that, much like Great Britain itself,  gives the impression of once being rich and prosperous but has since descended in to despair, from which it may never return. The contrast to the much more pleasant (but less interesting) Rochester is immediate and obvious. That famous castle really does bring in the tourist Pounds.

Rochester is the home to a Norman Castle and the UK's largest second hand bookshop. Neither of them were as impressive as we had hoped and certainly didn't warrant the trip. There are a few pictures for you however.

Baggins Books, it's the largest because it doesn't throw anything away

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