Friday, January 11, 2013

Short Film: Until Now

Approximately six years ago I made my one and only foray in to film making to date with the short film Until Now. For me it was a directing project based on a script I had previously written for a competition (knocked out in the final round) but we were essentially a two man crew and so I owe massive amounts of gratitude to my producer and all round great guy Simon Bonner for the huge assist in making my vision a reality. 
Our poster concept borrowed heavily from Thumbsucker

The original plan was to submit it to festivals and the like, get noticed, get funded, make more films, be rich and famous, but things didn't happen that way and the movie never did get submitted to festivals, infact it's barely had a screening of any kind. 

It wasn't as polished as we had hoped for and has a few sound issues but when all was said and done we really couldn't have done much more with the funds and time available to us and we're still proud of the work we did in putting this film together.

I was always hesitant to put the film online, proprietary reasons, pride, fear etc. causing me to not make it available as anything other than a fun trailer but in the past month I discovered that my man Simon had uploaded the full film (without the music, I am yet to get to the bottom of this) to Youtube as part of his portfolio to get employment and so today I face my past head on, finally put Until Now behind me and share the film with people. It does miss something without the music but you still get a fair idea of the overall vision.

If anyone out there knows of any paying projects that need a talented producer, editor, DoP, artist or director and want to work with Simon please get in touch with him via Thinklings Studios.

Of course I wouldn't be putting this online if I wasn't wanting some feedback, so for those of you who feel like critiquing, criticising, encouraging, etc. I'm all ears.


  1. Great job man! Dig the Pump Up the Volume references by the way. :)

    1. Ha! Thank you Josh. I'm really happy this is put to bed now but I do wish the music hadn't have vanished in the upload to youtube process. Owen my composer did a fabulous job of original composition.

      (see other comment for apology for being an absent blogging friend)