Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Currently Listening: Love Makes Monsters by My First Tooth (2013)

...lovely, happy, jaunty...they're a lively little bunch...

My First Tooth are a Northampton, UK based band that play uplifting folk-pop. Taking influence from modern indie heroes such as Eels, Okkervil River and Neutral Milk Hotel, they have crafted ambitious and beautiful songs aching with subtle heartbroken soul and unwittingly touching melody. Yes that is promotional speak from the awesome indie label Alcopop! Records but it pretty much sums up how I feel about them. But then this isn't an audition piece to find work with NME, this is merely an attempt to raise awareness of a great band who deserve success.

Love Makes Monsters is the followup to the quite wonderful Territories, their debut album which featured so many beautiful songs it would be a crime to name drop any single track but how about taking a listen to the sublime Cutty Sark as an introduction? 

Whilst not as immediately arresting this sophomore effort is equally as rewarding of repeat visits. With a blend of brass and strings, sing along choruses, haunting vocals and toe-tapping melodies this is the kind of music to appeal to fans of folk-pop who actively dislikes such trendy garbage as Mumford & Sons. Although comprising only four members playing quietly beautiful songs there is a deceptively big sound contained within these thirteen tracks, the kind of noise that could soundtrack your Summer, or in my case Autumn.

I'm not one to break down albums on a track by track basis, I'll just point you in the direction of the entire album instead. Buy it direct from the label for only 8 Pounds and whilst you're at it be sure to buy yourself a Clever Girl sweater, they're aces.

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