Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Around the World in 30 Countries Project

Over on Letterboxd I'm taking part in Berken's exciting Around the World in 30 Countries Project this May. The challenge is to watch 30 films from 30 different countries over the course of one month. The only rules are that you shouldn't have seen them before and try not to pick something obvious like Slumdog Millionaire for India.

I sort of cheated a bit in making my selections, making the most of the movies I've had laying around the house being ignored for the past several years and taken advantage of the multitude of funding sources open to modern filmmakers in establishing the country of origin for each selection, essentially what I'm saying is that where more than one country was listed as country of origin I picked the one most convenient to my cause.

The full list complete with country of origin follows. Stop back over the course of the month for reviews as I go. If you want to join in come see the announcement page at Letterboxd.

Days of Glory AKA Indigenes (2006) Dir. Rachid Bouchareb (Algeria)
Tetro (2009) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola (Argentina)
Wake In Fright (1972) Dir. Ted Kotcheff (Australia)
Hidden AKA Cache (2005) Dir. Michael Heneke (Austria)
Mr. Nobody (2009) Dir. Jaco Von Dormael (Belgium)
Surveillance (2008) Dir. Jennifer Lynch (Canada)
Little Red Flowers (2006) Dir. Yuan Zhang (China)
Kawasaki's Rose AKA Kawasakiho Růže (2009) Dir. Jan Hrebejk (Czech Republic)
The Celebration AKA Festen (1998) Dir. Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark)
The Singer AKA Quand j'étais Chanteur (2006) Dir. Xavier Giannoli (France)
Dogtooth AKA Kynodontas (2010) Dir. Giorgos Lanthimos (Greece)
Tokyo Sonata (2008) Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Hong Kong)
Children of Glory AKA Szabadság, Szerelem (2006) Dir. Krisztina Goda (Hungary)
Breaking the Waves (1996) Dir. Lars von Trier (Iceland)
Cairo Time (2009) Dir. Ruba Nadda (Ireland)
The Unknown Woman AKA La Sconosciuta (2006) Dir. Giuseppe Tornatore (Italy)
Yojimbo (1961) Dir. Akira Kurosawa (Japan)
Tulpan (2008) Dir. Sergei Dvortsevoy (Kazakhstan)
Julia (2008) Dir. Erick Zonca (Mexico)
Soldier of Orange AKA Soldaat van Oranje (1979) Dir. Paul Verhoeven (The Netherlands)
Reprise (2006) Dir. Joachim Trier (Norway)
Police, Adjective AKA Politist, adjectiv (2009) Dir. Corneliu Porumboiu (Romania)
Tears For Sale AKA Čarlston za Ognjenku (2008) Dir. Uros Stojanovic (Serbia)
The Man From Nowhere AKA Ajeossi (2010) Dir. Jeong-beom Lee (South Korea)
Jamon Jamon (1992) Dir. Bigas Luna (Spain)
Melancholia (2011) Dir. Lars von Trier (Sweden)
Home (2009) Dir. Ursula Meier (Switzerland)
Three Businessmen (1998) Dir. Alex Cox (UK)
The Girlfriend Experience (2009) Dir. Steven Soderbergh (USA)
Alice in the Cities AKA Alice in den Städten (1974) Dir. Wim Wenders (West Germany)


  1. Wow. Don't think I'll be able to swing this, but I might try something similar in the future. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Cache, Dogtooth, Breaking the Waves, and Melancholia.

    1. It's a great project, although it's been hit and miss so far, I should have expected it considering how long I've avoided watching some of them. It's exactly the kind of push I needed though. I should take part in these things more often.

      I can't believe how long Breaking The Waves is. No wonder I haven't seen it yet.