Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 So Far (Jan - Apr) Bottom 5 2013 Releases

My roundup of the first third of 2013 continues with a look at the worst the year has offered me so far.  I have seen a healthy enough 21 releases from 2013, here are the five films I've enjoyed the least so far:

5. Gangster Squad - Dir. Ruben Fleischer

4. Sushi Girl - Dir. Kern Saxton

3. The Brass Teapot - Dir. Ramaa Mosley

2. Java Heat - Dir. Conor Allyn

1. Freaky Deaky - Dir. Charles Matthau

Agree? Disagree? What's your least favourite film of 2013 so far? Comment below or tweet @bbbgtoby with #2013worst


  1. Of your top 5, I've only seen Gangster Squad, which I enjoyed probably more than I should have. My least favorite film is Movie 43. It's just awful, despite some of the great actors that appear in it.

    1. I had the pleasure of seeing everybody's reviews and avoiding Movie 43 otherwise I'd probably feel the same way. I know some people got some enjoyment out of Gangster Squad but this is the closest I get to something as controversial as disliking Dark Knight Returns so far this year.

  2. I'm going to have to agree with Josh about Movie 43. I'd have had a tough time picking the worst 5 movie releases I've seen this year. A very tough time.

    1. I had a tough time picking a top 5 really Alan, pretty much everything has been average at best so far. Nothing really standing out, there's definitely a lot more shit than great that's for sure. I've just seen two more that could easily have placed on this list too - I Give It A Year & Charles Swan III.