Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blahblahblahgay Makes Movies: Until Now (2007) & Canard (2006)

You may remember that I posted a link to my short film, Until Now, in the recent past and that for some reason the music was missing from the upload. Well fear not I discovered the finished article in a drawer this week and have made it available on Vimeo. As before, I appreciate all feedback especially the constructive kind.

To bring the rest of you up to speed, this was my university graduation piece from 2007. A two man crew of myself and Simon Bonner, shot for around £200 if my memory serves me correctly. The script was a finalist in some international competition that was so unimportant to me (because I didn't win) that I have forgotten what it was called.

The all important rediscovered musical composition was written and recorded by Owen Stephen who has recently released his debut EP as a singer-songwriter. He can be found on facebook, twitter and bandcamp.

I'm working on something new for the first time in many years, so consider this a show reel page of sorts for when I start begging for help with expenses or making like I'm Zach Braff or whatever. Leah suggested I show you my other film as an example of how I prefer to use a camera and tell a story; so this is Canard, a short piece created for "Experimental Cinema" class. A video that one user has described as being "hypnotizing and relaxing...absolutely wonderful!"

So yeah, comment away by all means, I like it when you tweet me @bbbgtoby so do that too if you feel like it.


  1. I love the simplicity of Canard's cinematography combined with that wonderful music. I agree with the user you quoted. Great work man.

    I haven't watched the version of Until Now with music yet, but I'll stop by soon and give it a look.

    1. I'm sure my ex-housemate Al would love to hear those positive words about his musical composition.